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Role-Playing Game Experience

This section covers your overall role-playing game experience.

Total Years Game Master Experience with Tabletop RPG

Total years experience as a tabletop role-playing game master. Be honest. If you list more years applied experience than you actually have, and do poorly during the applied GM interview (you will run an actual game under strenuous circumstances), that will reduce your chance of acceptance much more than indicating a low number of years experience and showing room for growth.

Years ERPG Experience

Years experience with electronic role-playing games, this includes audio & computer-based role-playing games (not video games in general, rather specifically computer-based RPGs, solo or multi-player). MUSH/MUD, PBP, etc., are also included.

Years Live-action RPG Experience

Combined player, NPC, and GM years experience with live-action role-playing games, including LRPGs and Larps of any kind, including combat, salon, and other styles.

GM LRPG Experience

Years experience as game master with live-action role-playing games (LRPG), including Larps of any kind, including combat, salon, and other styles.

Years SABM Experience

Years experience with solo adventure books/modules such as Middle-earth Quest, D&D solo modules, etc. May also include ChooseCo's Choose Your Own Adventure (TM) books as well.

Other TRPG Experience

List other tabletop role-playing game systems you have actual experience playing or game mastering. List as many as you like.

Other LRPG or larp experience.

List all the of the live-action role-playing game or larp systems/settings/groups/organizations that you have actual experience with. Even if it was a long time ago. While SCA and reenactment groups do not consider themselves Larps, you are welcome to list here if you wish.

Top 5 Favorite Electronic RPGs (ERPG)

List just your top 5 favorite electronic ROLE-PLAYING games. Feel free to elaborate on your experience. Especially indicate if you have any development or CRPG GM Experience (such as NWN module/adventure creation, etc.).

Favorite Genres

List your favorite genres for role-playing games (any RPG format (TRPG, LRPG, ERPG, HRPG). Feel free to elaborate.

Favorite Settings

List your favorite settings for RPGs (any RPG format), and why they are your favorites.

Preferred play style as a player

What is your preferred game play style? Do you like ROLL-play or ROLE-play more? Do you like combat or exploration more? Do you like socializing or problem solving more? There is no wrong answer. We have clients that have a wide range of play style preferences.

System Complexity Preference

Do you prefer less complicated lighter rules systems? Fully free-form improve with barely any rules? Do you prefer grittier, detailed "realistic" systems? Some specific combinations in specific contexts? You can elaborate more in the field after the rating. First, select your average preferred rating.