RPG Therapeutics LLC
Improving lives through cooperative interactive adventure & exploration experiences!


List of the broad range of services we provide.
Educational Services

Services provided in educational settings including: schools, special needs facilities, etc.

Entertainment Services

Live and recorded entertainment services including: on-stage, conventions, live-streaming, recorded broadcasts, etc.

Formal Evaluation Vs. Functional Assessment

RPG Therapeutics LLC provides functional assessments to make our programs optimally match client's specific needs. We do NOT provide Formal Evaluations (aka Formal Diagnoses).

Professional Training

Includes online, on site, in-person, and remote training options for individuals and groups.

Recreational Services

Professional recreational services including: birthday parties, office parties, and others.

Therapeutics Services

Recreation Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation services that also draw from neurosciences, computer sciences, psychology and compassion focused therapy disciplines.