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Our Social Therapeutic Recreation & Role-Playing Game Programs Are Available Online

We have been providing our therapeutic services to clients via secure private teletherapy technologies for many years. You can sign up for cooperative social activities today to help you through this period of extended social isolation.

Join Online Free Social Tabletop Games

Online Social Therapeutic Programs Available

Help spread the word about our non-profit sister organization's programs to help people get through this crisis of social isolatation with our free online socializing activities. If you just need a means to socialize for free and are not in a mental health crisis, check out the free online tabletop cooperative role-playing game sessions being offered for free daily.

Right on RPG Research's front page people can sign up and join in social games remotely:


Ages 5 (with parental assistance) through senior adults.


Reach Out To Others (Remotely)

Also  plea for people to reach out to people with disabilities and


Watch Neurodiverse & Social Benefits in Gaming, Hosted by Hawke Robinson from RPGResearch from GenConTV on www.twitch.tv 

For Online Teletherapy Social Cooperative Therapy Programs

We have been studying and providing therapeutic role-playing game services for decades. Our programs are measurably proven in their efficacy to help improve lives.

RPG Therapeutics is able to provide our therapeutic services remotely, securely, & privately, with teletherapy, so if you know of clients that may benefit from the RPG Therapeutics programs.

Rates range from $30 per session for pre-arranged groups (1 to 3 hour sessions), or $120 per hour per group or individual depending on the program. We are also providing some pro-bono work on a limited basis.

We're accepting new clients during the social isolation crisis, you can connect online at http://www.rpgtherapy.com

Call US Toll-Free: (833) RPG-PROS (774-7767)

Direct/text: (509) 608-6441

Email: info@rpgtherapy.com

Request Appointment: https://rpgtherapy.com/about/contact/contact-request-form


Mental Health Matters for Everyone

While we have some clients that were already remote (since we have been doing remote interactive technologies for decades), a number of our clients do not have broadband, and with the community centers, schools, & libraries shut down have no options for getting online, and are now experiencing mental health crises due to all of the media, governor statements, and extended isolation.

We are getting increasing phone calls to make in-person welfare checks from caretakers.

In some cases we are performing pro bono in-person verbal functional & crisis assessments, and then sitting down and making activity plans with them to help them get through the ongoing situation with an activity plan based on functional assessments and their available resources that are designed to help them de-escalate their anxiety, give them things to do that occupy them cognitively, emotionally, & physically (& spiritually for those when appropriate), and to regain some social connection safely.

Some of the clients we are being referred are already expressing suicidal ideations, while others are resorting to heavy substance abuse (drinking, increasing illegal substances use, & abuse of pharmaceuticals).

Due to all the catastrophizing everyone is doing, those that already struggle with various adjustment disorders, are feeling this temporary crisis will never end, is the end of the world, and their only way out is drugs and/or self-harm. 

We are trying to help them de-escalate before they do any more harm or have to be hospitalized.

We are offering remote and over the phone services wherever possible, but also we as healthcare workers we are also traveling back and forth between WA & ID trying to dampen these fires as best as possible for those that don't have a viable remote option.

We are not overloaded yet. So if you know people in crisis that might benefit from our unique socializing programs let us know.  We now have several employees so we can take on more clients remotely and on site as needed to help people get through this extended social isolation crisis.

We are seeing our programs, and the expectation/anticipation/excitement of their next session is being quite helpful to elevate their moods from (Scale 1-10, 1 worst 5 average, 10 best ever) from 1s through 3s, to 5s+.

Wishing everyone wellness!