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A Way - Not the Only Way

To be clear, we do not consider "our way the only right way", and welcome input and improvement. For example Microsoft and IBM offer training specific to their products, while other third party organizations do as well. They also offer training (and certification) on the current "industry best practices", and periodically change the course materials and certification requirements to adapt to the latest information and standards changes.

Other programs and providers are not "less than" our programs, we each have different areas of focus, and are doing our best to help people improve their knowledge and skills in this rapidly changing industry.

What we are teaching we hope is universal as much as possible, but some language and standards decisions have to be made to move forward, and these are our current best-efforts at trying to clarify communication of complex concepts, and we welcome other viewpoints.

However, there needs to be some starting baseline for training and discussion, and our programs are designed with this in mind.

We do update our course material over time (generally each year) as feedback, research publications, and industry standards change.

We have found the information and methodologies, based on over 40 years of experience, to be highly effective, but we are always adapting based on data and results, and incorporating new findings into our ever-evolving programs.

The courses we provide are based on the latest available information we were able to incorporate from researchers, instructors, and practitioners in multiple industries from around the world.

Our certification programs are reviewed constantly, and up for overhaul consideration every 5 years to incorporate the latest information.

We welcome your input and suggestions to keep improving these programs.