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Opportunities List

Various opportunities are available at RPG Therapeutics LLC, RPG Organization dba, RPG Education dba, & RPG Publishers dba. Also if you do not yet meet the requirements of these opportunities, you may find there are openings at partner organizations that can help you build the experience and training necessary.
This page provides a list of potential opportunities at RPG Therapeutics LLC.
Most of these positions have unusual and very specific requirements that only a small number of people currently meet, so please read the requirements in detail before applying.
If you do not meet the requirements, but would like to find a means to develop the skills and experience, consider applying as a volunteer at the non-profit 501(c)3 organization RPG Research. Their training programs do meet our requirements. Other organizations may also meet these requirements on a case by case basis.
Please do NOT send an application if you do not meet ALL of the "Required" sections of the position description.

If the listing does not have a working link, then that position is not currently open. If the link is available, then that position is available. Please note, the job descriptions include mandatory requirements such as the required certifications. Please do not apply if you do not meet all of the requirements. Optional sections are of course preferred but not a barrier to application.

  • CTRSGM - Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Role-Playing Game Master (Certified PGM3 Therapeutic) ($25-$65+/hr).
  • TRSGM - Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Role-Playing Game Master (Uncertified PGM3 Therapeutic) ($20-40+/hr).
  • ASLPGM I - American Sign Language Professional Role-Playing Game Master (ASL Fluent GM1 Recreation Entertainer) ($25+-$35+/hr).
  • PGM I- Professional Role-Playing Game Master (GM1 Recreation Entertainer) ($20-30+/hr).
  • PAS1 - Player Archetype Specialist I ($13+/hr).
  • PAS2 - Player Archetype Specialist II - Educational settings ($15+/hr).
  • PAS3- Player Archetype Specialist III - Therapeutic settings ($17+/hr).
  • RPGF1 - Facilitator I ($13+/hr).
  • RPGF2 - Facilitator II - Educational settings ($15+/hr).
  • RPGF3 - Facilitator III - Therapeutic settings ($20+/hr).
  • RPGA1 - Advocate I ($13+/hr).
  • RPGA2 - RPG Advocate II - Senior Public speaker ($20-40+/hr).
  • TRSW1 - Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Program Plan Designer and RPG Writer I ($13-25+/hr).
  • TRSW2 - Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Program Plan Designer and RPG Writer II ($20-40+/hr).
  • PGM2 - Professional Role-Playing Game Master II - Recreation/Entertainment ($25-40+/hr)
  • PGM3 - Professional Role-Playing Game Master III - Educational settings ($30+/hr).
  • PGM4 - Professional Role-Playing Game Master IV - Therapeutic settings ($35+/hr)
  • PGM5 - Professional Role-Playing Game Master V - Senior Trainer ($40+/hr)
  • PGM6 - Professional Role-Playing Game Master VI - Director ($120k-160k)

Other Opportunities

  • AA1 - Administrative Assistant I (12+/hr)
  • WM1 - Webmaster I (contractor monthly flat rate)
  • SA1 - Systems Administrator I (contractor monthly flat rate)